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It All Begins In Childhood

One of the primary duties of parents is to bring up their children. Bringing up children does not necessarily mean only providing food, clothes and shelter alone. It includes shaping their personalities, beliefs, values and attitudes as well. Parents Are the closest to the children and will know the true character and personality of their children.

People who do not believe in past life and re birth may not believe in what we are saying. But, it is true that many of our tendencies and mental habits are carried forward by us from our previous life time. This fact is clearly visible even in the early childhood. While some kids are very shy and silent, there are others who get angry and get into a rage when it suits them. Each child has different temperament and the parents get to see them for what they are quite early.

Apart from the inborn mentalities, the next biggest influence in the early years happens to be the parents and the environment. Children in the early years are busy exploring the environment around them and learning from everything that they see, touch and feel. The interaction with the parents too is a learning lesson for them. Till such time that the children grow up to be adolescents, they tend to believe totally in whatever parents advise them.

Therefore parents carry an immense responsibility of building the right character in their children. Parents who wish to divorce and live separately would need to first think of their responsibility to their children. In cases where one of the parent dies early, then it is better for a family relation to step in and build a rapport with the child, for every child needs a guide and a friend while growing up.

Most of the problems that become visible in the adolescent years can be traced to their childhood. Children in the adolescent years tend to rebel against authority and wish to assert their individuality. Depending upon their own mental tendencies and the experiences during their childhood as well as their emotional relationship at home, they are likely to stay on course, complete their education and pursue their careers or take to drinking, smoking, drugs and other activities.

In fact many cases of male impotence in the younger men can be traced to their troubled childhood and adolescent years. Sometimes it is the emotional trauma or the tragic events in the family that would have made its impact on the mind and the individual grows up to face erectile dysfunction and impotence related issues. There are also those who grow up with no self esteem or looking down upon themselves for some reason and these young men too find it difficult to maintain a physical relationship with a girl friend. In majority of the cases, children who have lived in boarding schools, those who have exhibited excessive sexual behaviors due to personality disorders end up with male impotence problems in the later years.

Most of the male impotence problems in the early years can have their causes in psychological and emotional stress or trauma. As such to treat this physical problem, they would need to undergo extensive psychological rehabilitation and therapy along with medication.