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Obesity In Married Men

Marriage is a change of life and there are many things which occur in result of marriage. It was an old thought that women get fatter in their marriage life but now it is also found through studies that 25% men also get too much fat after marriage life as compare to the single persons. This research was published in journal families and researcher evaluated the candidates with their diet plan, physical activities and weight information which they get from EAT project. 2300 young people were extracted from Midwest in which 23 % persons were married, 42 % were in relationship and 35 % were single or dating casually. The average age of the candidates was 25.3 years, in which 45 % were male and others were female. It was found that married man had too much high weight as compare to the two other groups, unmarried and committed in relationship. The person having BMI (body mass index) more than 25 was counted as overweight.

Females were more interested in having a breakfast while they were single as compare to the female who were in relationship. It is also found that just relationship does not show any kind of serious effect on body fatness because eating vegetables and fruit, eating less fast food, and exercising are responsible for obesity. This type of topics has been studies many times and increase in the waist line after marriage was observed commonly. It might be a reason that people remain too much comfortable in marriage relationship and that’s why put on a high weight. On the other hand, unmarried men own more money for keeping their body fit and attractive. Dimitris Kiortsis said these same persons do not consider their health after getting marriage which is the start of body irregular shaping. The search for the life partner reduced and it is proved from 2013 studies that 160 married couples were more likely to overweight after marriage. A question arose in mind that whether marriage puts some poor health factors on body? Most of the time it is not and it is also not easy to measure such situation. In fact, many of the researchers believe that marriage is a healthy practice. It is studies that married man recover very quickly from percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) as compare to unmarried. Often some sorts of pills are use for the aging medical condition but marriage is helpful for health in the aging of men. A press released said that relationship with your wife is not highly beneficial for the treatment of cancer but this engaging process enhance the spirit of both persons and minimize their stress as well. Ultimately this minimizes level of stress become responsible for increasing the waistline because a man is happy and enjoying stable condition. So it is important for men to do some exercise and use the diet plan properly. Fats controlling should start from very initial level otherwise it might cross the limits.