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Life Is Ever Changing And Evolving

If you thought that people often go to the hospitals for reasons to do with physical health you are mistaken. The modern trend of health problems is shifting from physical health to mental health. The number of people suffering from mental health issues and requiring psychiatric treatment is on the rise all over the world.

Some people believe that the modern day life style is responsible for the increase in mental ill health amongst people. The modern day urban lifestyle they feel is not conducive to the general well being of mankind. Men and women are always chasing goals and running a rat race. People have no time to sit back and enjoy life. Life has become highly monotonous and the element of human touch in the interactions has gone missing. We live in the wireless age which we believe has erased the borders and brought the entire world closer. The reality however is that people are sitting in front of their systems and spending hours chatting with others over social networking sites for hours at a stretch and are missing out on the human and physical contact.

Loneliness is another major ill confronting us today. People in the developed societies have come to believe in self interest, freedom of thinking and living, personal space and living for oneself etc. Families are increasingly turning to be unit families and working professionals tend to live alone. Having to live alone and bear the burden of the modern day living can pull down people’s spirit leaving them feeling lonely and isolated. The concept of giving, sharing and caring has given way to concept of personal space, self interest and materialism. At another level, the societies are moving away from religion and the free thinking and free living concept of the people is leading to increasing divorce rates amongst the couples.

The work life, social life as well as personal lives of people have become highly complicated. More and more people are falling prey to psychological problems and the visits to psychiatrists is increasing. Modern day lifestyle is also causing hormonal imbalance in men and women leading to health problems and issues. The number of men suffering from hair fall, depression, anxiety disorders is increasing. Male hormone imbalance is increasing even amongst young men in their thirties and forties. The number of couples heading to fertility clinics with their problems due to male impotence is increasing and so are the cases of marital discord and unhappiness amongst individuals.

All of these struggles and problems point out to one fact that our quality of material life is changing and we are struggling to keep up with the changing lifestyle. Society needs to keep evolving and keeping up with the changing times. With advancement of civilization the individual as well as the collective thought process too keeps changing. The same is true in the case of religion too. Society and community as well as individuals need religion for harmonious existence, personal growth and beliefs. However if the religion were not to keep up with the changing times, the ideological differences between the religious beliefs and the present times can create problems for the people in the society.

Life on earth is changing all the time and keeps evolving. There is never a period when societies have not had problems. However life means a continuous effort to move towards happiness and bliss. This is true in the case of individuals as well as collective consciousness too.