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How To Get Rid Of Neck Hump

Although neck humps are widely addressed as Buffalo Humps but they are not something one may watch on Animal Planet. Tragically, it is a medical condition where a person having neck hump suffers through great pain in the neck area.

Knowing about Neck Hump

Quirky fat pad specifically accumulated in and around the shoulder blades it gives an appearance of old lady with hunch back like look.

Today number of people is seen to be showing great interest in removing the fat pad and so they are investing much in cosmetic corrective surgery and these days along with women, men are also concentrating on having the corrective surgery to get rid of their humps.

Elderly women are sometime the worst possible victims of neck hump. You will be seeing the grandmas and your mother and aunts are suffering through such condition without your knowledge.

But age is not a consideration as this medical condition may happen with anyone. Knowing about the probable causes will surely help you understand why age is not the considering factor.

Probable Causes of Buffalo Hump

There are number of causes that promote Buffalo Hump and it is really significant to identify the causes right before concluding on anything. So to know the treatment option the causes are must to know.

Certainly poor posture, long-term medication, Genetic Predisposition, obesity and past injury these factors are very much responsible for generating neck hump. Neck hump does not develop in a day but takes time and when it is developed, it takes time to get rid of.

Here are some home remedies how to get rid of neck humps:

  • Improving the posture: First and foremost the posture should be corrected, you need to pull the shoulder back, no more computer slumming, no more hanging head. Such posture is certainly not acceptable.
  • Physical Therapy Exercises: Experienced Chiropractors are highly skilled about everything; they are having sufficient experience and knowledge to cure the neck humps. After few sessions you will be feeling much more relaxed.
  • Yogic Exercises: There are number of exercises which can be performed such as Circular motion with shoulders, Cobra pose, Cat pose, Stretching the arms and legs and varying other exercises. These exercises help a lot in reducing the fat pad layer. Such fat accumulation reduces slowly there could be initially some ache but gradually the ache reduces.
  • Postercue Sports Bra: Such bras are helpful in keeping up the posture straight. You can wear the bra while sitting in front of computer, exercising, or hanging out at home. Such bras are affordable, they can be purchased online, and they are easy to put on. Certainly bang for the buck.
  • Changing the diet: You need to consider the diet as well, few items are full of fat and lipid content and those foods should be avoided as well. Food should be taken which is having all the essential nutrients. Fruits and fresh vegetables can be consumed, it will make you feel full without increasing the body weight.

These are the measures, one can follow to get rid of neck hump.