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Home Remedies For Eyelash Mites (Demodex Mites)

Eyelash mites are clinically referred to as Demodex Mites, they develop in the pores of eye lashes along the hair follicles. They often grow across the eyebrow area, often all through the forehead. These mites are seen to develop the length of the nose area as well. They are tiny worms with miniscule claws and small legs. The mouth of the mites is really sharp. These mites are seem to be gnawing upon the oily deposits and dead skin.

Probable Symptoms Of Having Eyelash Mites

  • When Eyelash Mites grow in number and turn out to be larger in size they are seen to cause inflammation and may cause infection.
  • Itching, irritation, watery eyes, eyelash loss, acne, pimples, burning sensation (blepharitis), crustiness these are the normal symptoms, that one experiences while having eyelash mites.
  • Gradually lashes start shedding off and when mites are greater in number and all the hair follicles are affected, soon lashes lose density and swelling remains all though. The swelling or inflammation is identified as demodicosis and this condition is nothing but a feasible infestation for mites. These mites lay eggs along the follicles. When you are using huge amount of eye make up and having oily skin then mites may generate and soon develop a colony.
  • When you are having weaker immune system and tend to get affected by varying diseases, when you are elderly, you may generate eyelash mites more in number.

Different Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Eyelash Mites

When you are having eyelash mites you may try out some natural home remedies.

Proper Cleaning: proper cleaning of eye lashes is must. The lids are needed to be cleaned gently, meticulously and carefully. The extra oil should be cleaned as mites thrive upon the oil deposits. There are available eye lash shampoos which incorporates tea tree oil and varying antiseptic ingredients also gentle baby shampoo is there, using them for cleaning the lashes are wise and useful.

Using Antibiotics Ointments : There are varying antibiotic ointments available in the market, right before using them it is advised to test whether they are ophthalmologically safe or not. If they are confirmed safe they won’t be harming you, it is always helpful to go for cleaning the eyelashes. If you are not getting any ointment then you should be consulting an ophthalmologist.

Avoiding Eye Makeup: If you are having eyelash mites and if you tried out a number of medicines to cure that but they are still coming back and forth, it is better to quit the eye make up as oil deposit tends to stay for longer hours. Especially when you are bent on using the old make up and cannot purchase anything new, it is better to quit the makeup as it will help in limiting the contamination. You should never be sharing your eye makeup, when you are having mites you have to be little bit conscious about the products you are using.

Using oils Of different Kinds: There are varying oils that help in healing the condition, such as lavender oil, tea tree oil and more. These oils are having such natural ingredients that help in healing the condition.