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Where Are We Headed?

With the modern times, we think that the advancement of science and technology and the urban way of life is the greatest thing that has happened to mankind. Internet has changed the shape of the world we live in and brought down the boundaries, thus paving way for one united world. Yes we have moved into a new age undoubtedly. There is no more a real threat of third world war looming above. But then there is the fast spreading terrorism all over. Every country seems to be facing political unrest as the old regimes are in the process of being ousted and replaced with modern thinking.

Medical field has made unbelievable advances. Telemedicine has helped doctors reach medical aid to inaccessible and backward areas with very little accessibility. Space tourism is becoming a reality soon. Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we work and it is today possible for you to pay your bills on line, do banking as well as shopping etc online through your mobile. You can instantly connect to your friends and family anywhere in the world and chat without having to pay a dime. The picture definitely looks rosy and it looks that technology is going to define our future world and life.

The above are but a few of the good things. Development and modernization has also brought with it a lot of problems too. Rather the problems have always existed with society and civilizations earlier, but the modern day living has contributed to its explosion.

Today most people find themselves victims to depression and anxiety attacks at some point of time in their life. The trend holds good for men as well as women and women tend to succumb more easily. There is a constant pressure on people to perform all the time and run the race, with the result that more and more people are succumbing to pressures, tension, anxiety and depression etc. Psychological problems are increasing. The number of people suffering from infertility and seeking assistance to conceive is increasing alarmingly. In case of men too male impotence has risen alarmingly. The doctors point out to the constant pressure faced by men to meet with demanding situations at all times coupled with sedentary lifestyle and the lifestyle diseases causing impotence in the form of erectile dysfunction as well as low sperm count. People are turning out to be very delicate in respect of their health. Hormonal imbalance as well as diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases have become silent killers. These diseases harm the liver, kidney and cause impotence and other problems. Male impotence can kills one’s self esteem and confidence and gives rise to fears and complexes, which in turn affects the relationship with the spouse or partner. Thus the chain reaction takes its toll on the family and the couples end up with divorce.

Though male impotence is a major issue, most people do not realize the cause of their impotence as well as the other diseases that they succumb to. Everything is attributed to the quality of our life and the right way of life.