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Some drugs that help in getting proper erection

Erection problem is a major concern that affects many men round the globe. However, low libido is not a major concern as there are various ways to tackle it. One can come across man-made drugs as well as herbal supplements that help in getting the proper erection. Men have been seen relying more on the herbal drugs for their impotence issues as they come safe and cheap than the synthetic drugs.

Kukumanga, a herb seen in East Africa, is known for enhancing the sex drive. It is known that the herb activates the level of testosterone. Licorice is known to aid in increasing the levels of testosterone. In women, the drug increases the flow of blood in the Vulva area.

Schizandra berries are well known Chinese sex herbs that relax the stress. It is also known to enhance the libido.

Another herb that is known to augment erection is Cordyceps. The drug is known to augment the immune system and also the overall stamina. Damiana is another herb that is widely used for erection dysfunction. The herb is known to dilate the vessels that carry blood. Women can also use this drug as it increases orgasm.

The above list of drugs is only limited. One can come across hundreds of drugs that have been used for a very long time for enhancing sexual drive. One of the advantages of the herbal supplements or drugs is that they come with fewer side effects. Moreover, they are cheap and easily available.