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Humor in Hospital

Have you ever wondered about all those people who work in the hospitals? Life can be pretty funny for them for I wonder whether it makes them cry or laugh. No doubt it changes their perception of life altogether. Getting to sea sickness and death all the time is not easy. When death comes calling there is an eerie feeling which makes everyone uncomfortable. But then seeing patients who are going to die is very painful too.

Thanks to television we do get to see what life is like in the hospitals in some of the medical hospital serials. They seem to have a lot of fun. In real life too, human beings ultimately find joy in their work and tend to be more loving and caring when it comes to taking care of and nursing other human beings.

If you think that the hospital is about diseases and death alone, you are wrong. There are many cases where people get a new life. Many patients get cured of a major illness and walk out to begin their life a new. Many people get organs which they never had. Then there are new lives coming into this world and lighting up couples lives. Where there is despair, there is hope and new beginning too. This is not all there is a lot of funny things happening too.

It all depends upon our sense of humor to see things funny for the patients who are suffering might not see it that way. But then it is quite common for the doctors and nurses to see the humor in many incidences and find it funny though they may not share it with the patients.

The sexologists and gynecologists normally get to see a lot of patients who come to them with problems related to their sexual functioning. Some times there are physical problems while many times the patients will suffer from emotional or psychological problems and inhibitions that prove to be an obstacle to their sexual relationship. Many times all that is required from the doctor’s side is to use a bit of common sense and perhaps explain some things to the patients and increase their awareness about sex which solves the problem. It so happens that the problems will be linked to something else.

There are cases when men in their early fifties and early sixties walk into the hospital and meet the doctors with regard to their sexual functioning. Most often it is seen that they will be suffering from erectile dysfunction and hence will not be able to engage in sexual intercourse due to their inability to achieve erection. The doctors generally prescribe a full course of Cialis and the UK patient’s problem gets cured almost immediately, as the blood supply to the penis gets improved and cures their erectile dysfunction. But there are times when men walk in to complain of excessive sexual drive rather than the normal functioning. One such man walked in and wanted to see the doctor right away. He was fidgeting and not willing to wait any longer for the doctor. It was apparent that he was in some kind of a problem. It took a while for the doctor to understand that the man was having continuous erection and was not able to enjoy normal health at all. This made him agitated. From experience doctors can make out as to what can be wrong. So it did not take long for the doctor to point out the fact that the man was prescribed Cialis for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Cialis is also used to cure erectile dysfunction and hence it was working on the man and he was finding it quite queer.