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Effect Of Economy On Sex Life

We live in a very fast world these days. We are very stressed due to our work and most of this gets reflected on our body. And why just on health, it eve affects the physical and mental needs of the body. This tension can even affect one of the basic needs of a relation- sex. According to experts, erections and economy are kind off closely linked.

Stress plays havoc in our physical life and is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. And perhaps none of the reasons played such a big role in causing disturbance in our bedroom life than economy. Right from loans, to paying off for mortgages, to finding the right jobs, the stress in the job, the non-performance and many factors play a pivotal role in running the sex life of men. Basically men these days are under greater stress than they were ever before. They are constantly under the threat of perform or perish which is getting translated on their lives, their sleeping patterns and many more. Here are the 4 reasons why the economy is wreaking havoc in the bedroom relations of today’s time:

  • One is over stressed: A new job surely has its benefits in terms of the extra income. However, with it comes the additional responsibility of performance and giving that much more. And not just are you expected to be working from 9 to 5, but you are expected to work beyond. You are even expected to travel a lot, for days together which keeps you off the bedroom action. You are expected to pick up calls in the middle of the night. And this tends to take you off emotionally causing you an erectile dysfunction. In order to solve this, you need to relax when you are at home. You should not take up calls and focus your time on your personal life. You might take a shower to help yourself relax. You might even exercise to keep the stress at bay
  • One feels financially unstable: higher the pay, higher the status and higher the manliness. IF the job is low paying, men feel less confident and it directly gets reflected on sex. In order to solve this, one needs to save whenever and wherever possible. Also one needs to talk to their partner and take their support. Not having someone to back you up and understand you can play havoc.
  • Not taking care of self: One needs to eat healthy to stay healthy. One needs to exercise in order to perform well on bed. Lifestyle plays a crucial role in deciding whether you face erectile dysfunction or not. If you smoke a little too much or indulge in alcoholism, it is definitely going to translate that onto your performance. In order to solve this, one needs to eat properly, on time and eat well. Also one need not indulge in habits which are detrimental not just to penile erection, but the overall health and well-being.
  • One is too tired: Once in a while it is fine. But always being tired does contribute to erectile dysfunction. In order to solve this, one need to indulge in foreplay, and even if actual sex does not happen its fine. The partner in this case needs to tell the other, of the missing action and if they can schedule some day when they can actually have the action