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Is There Sex After Marriage?

Yes. Short answer to a silly question. Of course there’s sex and usually lots of it….in the beginning at least. It surprises me how often this question gets tossed around. People seem to think that once you get married the romance and spontaneity fizzle out and your left on some sort of sexual ration where you only get special attention on birthdays and holidays.

The truth is that after marriage your sex life can be just as fulfilling as it was before. However, change is inevitable and your ability to adjust to those changes will determine how happy you are with your sex life.

The biggest blow to your sex life will probably come after you have kids. Kids change everything. They have the ability to change their parents into secret sex ninjas who try to get little action in whenever they can. It forces couples to get creative and be more spontaneous than ever before. This isn’t a bad thing! Children bring so much joy into a relationship, and shouldn’t be looked at as the reason you’re not getting any. Get creative and embrace your new family dynamic.

Something else to think about after marriage is that even though you’ve promised to be by your partner’s side forever, you shouldn’t stop trying to please them. This is a tricky issue. Marriage can sometimes make people feel like they don’t have to try anymore. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you’ve walked down that aisle, you should still treat you husband or wife like they are the most interesting, beautiful creature you’ve ever seen! This is especially true if want to have an active sex life. Both men and women want to feel wanted, they want to feel desired, and not by just anyone. They want to be desired by you. Even after you’re married, go on dates, make time for each other, and be spontaneous. Don’t toss out the sexy lingerie just yet.

Sometimes, married couples get caught up in the everyday stresses of life. Work, school, kids, cleaning, cooking, all of these things can cause married couples to be burnt out that they just don’t have time for sex. My advice? Make time. Sex is an important of any relationship and can create and help reinforce very string bonds between people. If your life is busy, you should focus on quality not quantity. When you do find the time to make love, focus solely on your partner. Turn off your phone, make sure the kids are settled, and really commit to making even the small moments count.

Marriage brings with it a host of benefits that actually improve your sex life. You have someone that you love and trust living I the same house with you. Imagine the possibilities! You have to make your sex life a priority and there’s no shame in doing so. Sex is an essential part of a healthy relationship. Don’t put it on the back burner. If you don’t have time, make time! Your partnership will be better for it.