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Boost Of Testosterone Doesn’t Help In ED

From time to time majority of the men face difficulties in their erections. According to the preliminary data, it is observed that the supplementation of testosterone did not succeed to enhance erectile dysfunction which was mild to moderate in the elderly males, although the levels of testosterone were increased, said researchers. And studies have explained that it does not help males with low levels of testosterone if their only symptom is ED.

The SHIM (Sexual Health Inventory for Men) scores illustrated no differences if the males in the research were given 25 mg of testosterone in a day (AndroGel), 50 mg testosterone in a day, or placebo, Lauren W.Roth, MD, University of Colorado, Denver said.

Effect Of Economy On Sex Life

We live in a very fast world these days. We are very stressed due to our work and most of this gets reflected on our body. And why just on health, it eve affects the physical and mental needs of the body. This tension can even affect one of the basic needs of a relation- sex. According to experts, erections and economy are kind off closely linked.


Is There Sex After Marriage?

Yes. Short answer to a silly question. Of course there’s sex and usually lots of it….in the beginning at least. It surprises me how often this question gets tossed around. People seem to think that once you get married the romance and spontaneity fizzle out and your left on some sort of sexual ration where you only get special attention on birthdays and holidays.

The truth is that after marriage your sex life can be just as fulfilling as it was before. However, change is inevitable and your ability to adjust to those changes will determine how happy you are with your sex life.

It All Begins In Childhood

One of the primary duties of parents is to bring up their children. Bringing up children does not necessarily mean only providing food, clothes and shelter alone. It includes shaping their personalities, beliefs, values and attitudes as well. Parents Are the closest to the children and will know the true character and personality of their children.

People who do not believe in past life and re birth may not believe in what we are saying. But, it is true that many of our tendencies and mental habits are carried forward by us from our previous life time. This fact is clearly visible even in the early childhood. While some kids are very shy and silent, there are others who get angry and get into a rage when it suits them. Each child has different temperament and the parents get to see them for what they are quite early.

Obesity In Married Men

Marriage is a change of life and there are many things which occur in result of marriage. It was an old thought that women get fatter in their marriage life but now it is also found through studies that 25% men also get too much fat after marriage life as compare to the single persons. This research was published in journal families and researcher evaluated the candidates with their diet plan, physical activities and weight information which they get from EAT project. 2300 young people were extracted from Midwest in which 23 % persons were married, 42 % were in relationship and 35 % were single or dating casually. The average age of the candidates was 25.3 years, in which 45 % were male and others were female. It was found that married man had too much high weight as compare to the two other groups, unmarried and committed in relationship. The person having BMI (body mass index) more than 25 was counted as overweight.


Life Is Ever Changing And Evolving

If you thought that people often go to the hospitals for reasons to do with physical health you are mistaken. The modern trend of health problems is shifting from physical health to mental health. The number of people suffering from mental health issues and requiring psychiatric treatment is on the rise all over the world.

Some people believe that the modern day life style is responsible for the increase in mental ill health amongst people. The modern day urban lifestyle they feel is not conducive to the general well being of mankind. Men and women are always chasing goals and running a rat race. People have no time to sit back and enjoy life. Life has become highly monotonous and the element of human touch in the interactions has gone missing. We live in the wireless age which we believe has erased the borders and brought the entire world closer. The reality however is that people are sitting in front of their systems and spending hours chatting with others over social networking sites for hours at a stretch and are missing out on the human and physical contact.

Health And Fitness Tips For Beginners

It is very important to maintain a health and fitness plan for yourself. It is crucial that you keep fit and healthy every single day as such a lifestyle comes with a reward. You will not have to go to the hospital because of certain health conditions such as high blood pressure. If you have not been in the habit of working out and checking what you eat, it is never too late to work on your health. Here are tips for beginners in exercising and keeping healthy routines.

You should be motivated by the benefits of maintaining a suitable health and fitnessroutine. Many people begin a workout plan only to give it up after a few trials. However, with dedication, you can realise your potential and stick to the goals you set.

General information about Cialis and man impotence

Sexual problem are becoming very common in the world. Sexual problems are great in the western countries. The people of western countries do not care about their food and take fast food in launch and dinner. Since this food contains high oils and fats so it starts to stick on the walls of arteries. This thing decreases the passage of blood and become the cause of high blood pressure. You should take such food which contains low oils and fats. This high blood pressure and cholesterol level becomes the cause of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a main sexual problem which restricts the person to get erection in sexual activity. So if you want to treat this sexual problem then you would have to use such medicines which have the ability to increase the blood flow. You can find many medicines which can increase the blood flow but they cannot give you erection for a long time. If you want to get an erection for long time then you should go for Cialis. Cialis gives erection to its user 4-5 hours long. This duration is enough for a sexual activity. You can enjoy sex with your partner in this duration without losing erection.


Korsakoff Syndrome

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome also known as WKS is a brain disorder type which is caused as a result of lack of vitamin B1 in the body. This syndrome is a combination of two conditions which usually occurs at the very same time. And in this condition, firstly, the Wernicke symptoms happen which is then followed with the korsakoff syndrome.

People who suffer from this syndrome first experience some bleeding in the bottom section of the brain which includes hypothalamus and thalamus. The bottom section of the brain is responsible for controlling the endocrine and the nervous system.

When the Wernicke’s symptoms decrease, the Korsakoff psychosis follows which is a result of some chronic brain damage. This syndrome affects those areas of the brain which control the memory. If the Wernicke’s disease is effectively treated, Korsakoff syndrome may cease to develop.

How To Get Rid Of Neck Hump

Although neck humps are widely addressed as Buffalo Humps but they are not something one may watch on Animal Planet. Tragically, it is a medical condition where a person having neck hump suffers through great pain in the neck area.

Knowing about Neck Hump

Quirky fat pad specifically accumulated in and around the shoulder blades it gives an appearance of old lady with hunch back like look.

Today number of people is seen to be showing great interest in removing the fat pad and so they are investing much in cosmetic corrective surgery and these days along with women, men are also concentrating on having the corrective surgery to get rid of their humps.

Elderly women are sometime the worst possible victims of neck hump. You will be seeing the grandmas and your mother and aunts are suffering through such condition without your knowledge.

But age is not a consideration as this medical condition may happen with anyone. Knowing about the probable causes will surely help you understand why age is not the considering factor.